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Presentations include "It's in Your Pocket:Teaching Spectacularly with Cellphones", "Revenge of the Digital Immigrants", "Maximizing Personal Media Players for Education: The MegaVCR", "Staggeringly Good Things Mixing Google Earth and Media", "Thinking Bigger As the World Gets Smaller".

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http://discoveryeducatornetwork.com/ -The community webite

http://school.discovery.com/edtechconnect/halldavidson/resources.html - The Resources, videos, mp3's, links, and more.

http://school.discovery.com/edtechconnect/ - Archive of the webinar. "Hall will provide a walkthrough of the incredible wealth of teaching media resources available on the internet - videos, images, sounds, music, speeches, projects and more! Also, tips and tricks for making those resources accessible and friendly for students. Hall will share with you a secret for ensuring that media resources can be tied to your own state standards."

Archive of the presentation!
"My favorite thing is that the entire webinar is recorded and then made publicly available! Couldn't get a seat for Hall's webinar? Then check out the archive of the presentation! The sound is a little wonky, but you can still watch the entire webinar, check out the questions and answers, and review the resources at y our own leisure. You can refer back to it if you forget anything and share it with co-workers and friends. So if you couldn't make it, go visit the EdTech Connect web page and check it out for yourself! "

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Information, guides, and further resources are available there for the Information Literacy Programs, the collaboration between KOCE, Golden West College, Los Angeles Times, and free for educational institutions.

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